Tartan Finder

Tonag Beag
Tonag Mhor
Heavy Kilt

The Tartan Finder is a proprietary House of Tartan software package that generates tartan patterns in real time from a database of over 2500 Scottish Tartans.

To generate a tartan:

  1. Enter the tartan name or unique tartan number in the 'Tartan Name' box, alternatively select from the Tartan Index given below the Tartan Finder.
  2. Select the 'Colour Option' from the drop down menu.
  3. Click on the "View Tartan" button to display the selected tartan.

Make sure you have images switched on! Then chosse:
CGI Image generator - colourway selection - or
Flash Application - zoom control tartan image -

Tartan Name
Enter the first few letters of the tartan name. Usually this is the same as the 'Clan' name, but the database also contains District, Regimental, Corporate and many 'Unnamed' tartans.

The database contains many variations of individual tartans including 'Hunting' and 'Dress' versions. Use the 'Tartan Index', to find the unique reference number of the pattern, then just enter the reference number in place of the name in the search box.

Only the first fifteen letters of the name of the tartan are used to access the database. It is possible to type in fewer letters and still have a tartan generated, but for the correct tartan to be returned it is important to type in enough letters to distinguish it from other tartans.

Colour Options
Traditional tartans can be viewed in a range of different colour schemes.
  • Standard
  • Modern
  • Ancient
  • Muted
  • Reproduction
  • Antique
  • Self Colour

Modern colours are strong and bright, refering to the analine dyes introduced c.1860 which produced darker greens and blues and a richer reds and yellows.

Ancient colours are distinct from 'modern' colours by being less saturated in tone and lighter in shade. The term 'ancient' should not be confused with the age of the design.

Muted colours. A range of tones only slightly different from 'Modern'. The shades are more subtle, for example, green looks more like olive green.

Reproduction colours were created to represent the colours found in a piece of tartan found at Culloden Battlefield. The cloth was around 200 years old and had been preserved by the peat. The colours are therefore made up of brown shades.

Antique colours were devised in recent times, (by Johnston's of Elgin) to represent the warmth and charm of fabrics aged by the sun.

Self colour, or 'Solid Sett' is the latest thing in tartan fashion. Solid Sett is created by weaving white yarns which reflect the light in different ways, then dye-ing cloth in various darker shades.

Tartan Index
A complete listing of all the worlds tartans including Clan, District, Regimental, Corporate and many other tartans. The index also contains many variations of individual tartans including 'Hunting' and 'Dress' versions, not all of which are commercially available. If a particular pattern is not stock supported, House of Tartan can arrange to have it made to order.

Preceding the tartan name is a unique reference identifying variations of tartans with the same name, this number can be entered instead of the tartan name.

Screen Size
Choose the screen size to match the resolution of your computer. (No frames only)

Browser Compatibility
If you are using Netscape 2.0+ or Explorer 3.0+ the tartan finder can be displayed using frames. With frames capable browsers, an alphabetic index of names appears in a frame under the tartan finder. Below this is the list of reference numbers and tartans for the letter of the index currently selected. To the right of this is the frame that is refreshed with information such as this help file or the generated tartan.