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Colour Codes
A Azure
B Blue, purple, navy, azure
G Green, olive, lime, bottle
K Black
N Neutral Gray
O Orange
R Red, pink, wine, marroon, scarlet
T Tan, Brown, Camel, Fawn
W White
Y Yellow
Starting with the Blue on the left:

Advanced Options
Click any of the following that are NOT in the pattern

Try "A" or "B" for the colour azure. Some historical entries use "A".

Tartans that are made up of browns and greys, where you would expect to see blues and greens, are probably 'reproduction' colours. Try translating the colours from reproduction back to modern.

Brown = Green
Light Brown/Gray = Blue


Link to Walkers Biscuits The tartan on the Walkers Biscuit Tins is Grant. The tartan on Walkers Oatcakes is the North Tyneside (Pipe Band) tartan - St Andrews tartan with a red line added