No Plastics

About HOUSE of TARTAN® and ‘Plastic Free’

Our Packaging Materials

We are trying to eliminate as much plastic as we can.

Wherever possible we pack and ship with no plastic. But we will substitute Biodegradable or Recycle-able materials where there are no alternatives.

We use Paper-Based packaging Tape to seal our packages. So you can recycle the outer packs as they are. U Courier Companies have stuck on plastic pouches for documents. These will need to be peeled off. This also applies to any bits of Plastic packaging tape that may still be stuck on Pre-Used cardboard boxes!

Small Orders : Jiffy ‘GREEN’ Mailing Bags

For most small item orders we use Jiffy ‘Green’ Mailers. These are environmentally-friendly. They are made with 100% recycled paper fibre lining. And padded with 100% recycled paper cushioning. They are fully recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.

Larger Orders: Cardboard Containers sealed with paper-based Adhesive Tape

If to hand, we will pack your order into a ‘Previously-Used’ Outer container and use paper based adhesive tape to seal it all up.

Plastic items on sub-packages

Wherever we can, we remove or eliminate small plastic tags, staples, hooks and bits from products. If the use of see-through (clear) bags is dictated, we substitute plastic with biodegradable. Look for the ‘Biodegradable’ markings or stickers and dispose of accordingly.


For now, we are stuck with a few exceptions. Typically, things like Clan Badge and Jewellery mounting boards, or foam-backed Cushions used with holding pins in presentation boxes and so on.

On some products these plastic backing boards (on e.g. Kilt Pins, Plaid Brooches) may house leaflets or display Clan Names or Genealogy info. Gift items such as necklace sets may be shipped still mounted on foam-backed pads to protect and display. If removing these does not make sense, we will (at this stage) ship as packed by manufacturers. The same applies to plastic ‘windows’ in the lids of Gift Box Sets. We will tackle these anomalies as we go.

Our Supply Chain

Please be assured we are working on our packaging habits and working with the supply chain so our partners get their manufacturing and supply partners away from plastic. We have been hugely encouraged at how readily businesses in the Scottish Highland Dress and Tartan Industries have been willing to act in the common good and consider costly changes.

Like us, they’ve realised the nature of the crisis we all bear responsibility for.

And yes, it costs!

None of these changes are inexpensive things to do. But they are worth it. Wherever possible we’ve already absorbed the costs of expunging the plastic we can. We hope you agree it is imperative everyone everywhere must help too.

Plastic Document Pouches.

Sad to fall at the last hurdle, but this plastic pest appears to be something we cannot change yet. This is the issue of plastic consumables supplied by Courier and Shippers. Certainly this will continue so until the likes of Fedex, UPS, Parcel Force, DHL, TNT, DPD et al, provide their customers (us included) with 100% recycle-able or biodegradable alternatives. In the meantime, we will do what we can.

House of Tartan Ltd going ‘PLASTIC FREE’ is a work in progress. But we will get there! Thanks for helping.

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