Lochness Broomhedge 

Lochness Broomhedge tartan


Dear Sirs
I would like to know if there is any way you can help me work out what type of tartan I have.I bought it in 1997 from a pipe band outfitter in Belfast and the lady told me it was a newly registered one called Lochness Broomhedge she goes acroos to Scotland every month to an area near aviemore to her supplier so i had no reason to doubt her but now on checking i can find nothing like it.     it is predominatley Dark blue azure and dark grey with 3 red lines then 2 red lines forming please can you help me as i now feel stupid when someone asks what tartan it is and i cannot not honestly tell them.
Many thanks
J Dempster


Dear Jackie,
Don't despair! Your tartan is in fact the same pattern as the Loch Ness tartan produced by Lochcarron in 1995. What I imagine has happened is that it has been adopted by the Broomhedge Pipe Band (Co, Antrim) and they've changed the colours somewhat and called it Loch Ness Broomhedge. Now that we know about it at the Tartans Authority we'll Record it and you will no longer be embarrassed! It will be on our International Tartan Index which will be going live on our website (www.tartansauthority.com) within the next couple of months.

Brian Wilton
Administrator Scottish Tartans Authority

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