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Cook tartan in action

Richard   Cook    

I would like to proceed with your "sample weaving package" as being the most cost-effective way to meet my goals, which are 1) register the tartan 2) have enough for a kilt for myself and 3) have enough left to provide small samples to other Cooks and MacCooks who may be
interested in aquiring the tartan. A Highland outfitter here seems willing to order a bolt of it if sufficient interest is generated. Please email me your regular mailing address so that I can get you payment and samples of the
tartan which I have had handwoven. The sample I had handwoven is of a quality that makes it
unsuitable for kilts. I would prefer material in the 13oz to 16 oz range and the sett to be at least a 7-inch sett, such as would be suitable for a man's kilt ( I often see men's kilts made of tartan with too small of a sett).

The thread count of my (Mac)Cook tartan is: G24  A12  G12  R30  BLK2  R2  BLK4    where G=dark green, R=red, BLK=black, and A=light blue.  It will be seen that the tartan is merely a modification of the red MacDonald of the Isles, with light blue replacing red in two bands and the single black line becoming a miniature "MacDonald motif". For a higher thread count of course multiply by 2, 3, or whatever is required. I would prefer at least a 7-inch sett as smaller sets don't look good in a man's kilt in my opinion, and if this requires that the fabric be 15oz so be it. I will mail an actual sample to you, but the colours of the sample don't have to be followed (the weaver chose a cherry-red rather than the usual scarlet for the red, etc.)

Thanks, Richard

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