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Anderson Clan

Collection of products in the Clan Anderson Every purchase makes a contribution to the Anderson Clan Society.
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Number of Items in Categories 119

Tartan Fabric, Materials & Ribbons
Woven and Printed Fabric. Ribbon

Mens Highlandwear Kilts and Trousers
Kilts, Trews, Trousers and Waistcoats

Ladies Skirts, Kilts and Clothing
Ladies Skirts, Kilts and Mini-Kilts

Sashes Scarves Stoles Squares Shawls & Scarf Rings
And other Elegant Tartan Accessories for Daywear and Formalwear

Ties and Bowties and Cummerbunds
Ties, Bowties and Cummerbunds

Small Accessories, Jewellery, Brooches
Small Accessories, Jewellery, Brooches

Sporrans, Sgian Dubhs, Kiltpins, Cufflinks, Bracess & Belts
Kilt Accessories, Sporrans, Sgian Dubhs, Cufflinks, Kiltpins, Braces, Belts and Buckles

Sportswear and Clan Crested Leisurewear
Badged garments for Highland Games and sportswear

Crests, Badges & Plaques
Crests, Badges, Plaques, the symbols of Clan Membership

Hats Bonnets and Caps
Hats, Caps, County, Baseball Caps, MacBeanies

Tartan Handbags
Beautifully crafted handbags with pure wool tartan fabric

Childrenswear and Accessories
Childrenswear, Accessories and Toys

Home and Tartan Furnishings
Cushions, Pillows, Laptrays & Home Accessories