Clan Anderson

Collection of products in the Clan Anderson. Every purchase makes a contribution to the Anderson Clan Society.
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Number of Items in Categories 195

Tartan Fabric, Plaid Materials and Ribbon
Anderson Tartan in wool and man-made fibres. Ribbon in ANY Tartan.

Mens Kilt Outfits, Trews and Highlandwear
Traditional Kilts, Trews, Trousers, Waistcoats and Shirts in Anderson Tartan

Ladies Skirts, Kilts and Clothing
Ladies Kilts and Skirts in Anderson Tartan.

Sashes, Scarves, Stoles, Squares and Shawls
Ladies Sashes, Stoles, Serapes and Shawls. Mens and Ladies scarves in Anderson Tartan

Neckties, Bowties and Cummerbunds
Anderson Tartan Neckwear and Cummerbunds. In Wool and silk-effect fibres.

Small Accessories, Jewellery, Brooches
Small accessories and Jewellery items featuring Anderson tartan.

Sporrans, Sgian Dubhs and Kilt Accessories
Kilt Accessories, Sporrans, Sgian Dubhs, Cufflinks, Kiltpins, Braces, Suspenders, Belts and Buckles. Featuring Clan Anderson Crest and Tartans

Sportswear and Clan Crested Leisurewear
Anderson Clan Crested items, Sportswear and Highland Games wear.

Clan Crested Products & Badges
Anderson Clan Crested Badges and Plaques. Wide range of crested accessories.

Hats Bonnets and Caps
Anderson Clan-crested Hats and Caps. Tammies, Tartan Flat caps, Berets and Glengarries.

Tartan Handbags, Plaid Purses
Collection of Bags and Purses in Anderson Tartan.

Home & Tartan Furnishing, Gifts and Pet Accessories
Anderson Tartan Blankets, Throws, Rugs, Cushions, Tableware, Flags and Tartan for Pets

Childrenswear and Accessories
Boys and Girls Kilts for all ages, Kilt Outfit Accessories, Hats, Scarves, Neckties and Braces in Anderson Tartan

Weddings and Celebrations
Selection of Wedding Products for Scottish and Celtic Weddings for Clan Anderson.