Burns Night Emergency Kit - MINI Sash & Bow-tie 5 Tartans

Burns Night Emergency Kit - MINI Sash & Bow-tie 5 Tartans

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Burns Night Emergency Kit - MINI Sash & Bow-tie 5 Tartans
For that last-minute invitation or if you've left it a wee bit late! This is a Budget Package: MINI Sash for her, Matching Bow-Tie for him. [This Sash measures 112cm x 12cm which is 44"x 5"] so ladies, if you are thinking of the full sash which is 2.2m (92in) long and fastens at the hip this budget 'shortie sash' is not the one for you.

See other sash choices in this Burns section or tartan sashes in Mainstream Ladieswear section please.


BURNS NIGHT Emergency Stock is ordinarily held in Royal Stewart, Black Stewart, Black Watch, Flower of Scotland & Earl of St Andrews Tartans.

Also ordinarily available from emergency stock: Plaid Brooches or matching Bow-Tie or Necktie for partner.For any enquiries please call us on +44 1764 656671 or e-mail us here
Price: £29.95 (without tax)
  • The Sash is a traditional matching accessory for Ladies on Burns Night. This is a mini version. Fastens at shoulder with Plaid brooch or clan badge.
  • The matching Bow-Tie is the complementary Scottish accessory. Both items made in Scotland.
  • See Plaid Brooches & Clan Badges.
  • Box not Included
  • Made in Scotland

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