Book: Tartans of Scotland SORRY OUT OF PRINT

Book: Tartans of Scotland  SORRY OUT OF PRINT

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Book: Tartans of Scotland SORRY OUT OF PRINT
Tartans, with their unique combinations of attractive colours and intricate designs, are universally popular. They have a long and fascinating history linked with Scottish clans and families and survive today as symbols of Scotland's rich heritage. Large amounts of tartan fabric are woven for clothes, souvenirs and other items and new tartans are designed every year. Tartans of Scotland is a concise guide to over 140 tartans, including the main clan and family sets. The directory lists the tartans in alphabetical order, providing information on the earliest origins of each one, its current status and type, and details of historical and clan connections. The book provides an easy reference guide for identifying tartans and also explains how these beautiful designs are linked to the history of Scotland and the Scottish people. SORRY OUT OF PRINT!
  • Details to help you identify tartans
  • Earliest origins of each tartan
  • Edited by Blair Urquhart

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