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This is the HOUSE of TARTAN ®, the ORIGINAL Tartan Website. Home of the World’s First Tartan database. Speak to the definitive Tartan Industry experts and Get Help Fast. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please email, phone or tell us via our Email Enquiry Service. Put us to the test.

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Tartan Fabric, Materials & Ribbons Colourful, luxurious tartan fabrics finely woven in rich and striking colour. In wool, silk, and man made fibres. Traditional 'Woven in Scotland' kilting cloth (plaid) in Mediumweight and Heavyweight Pure New Wool.
Menswear & Accessories Kilts, Bespoke Traditional Highland Outfits and Accessories, Socks and Shoes
Ladieswear & Accessories Ladies kilts, pleated skirts, mini kilts, trousers, sashes, shawls, scarves, serapes, tammies, berets and hats
Childrens Wear & Accessories Kilts to fit all ages, from babe in arms to the Wee Man
Burns Night  the 'Touch of Tartan' you need for Burns night. Many items are specially made to order in individual tartans, so please plan ahead to ensure delivery in good time for your Burns Suppers!
Weddings and Celebrations Scottish and Celtic culture is so rich that you may be spoilt for choice in incorporating that essentially Celtic flavour into your own wedding. Whether you wish to marry with full highland regalia or just add a little Celtic flavour…
Scottish Gifts, Scottish Silver, Christening Gifts Scottish Silver, Quaiches, Silver Beakers, Collectibles, Heirloom Gifts, Luckenbooths
Celtic Jewelry (His and Hers) Luckenbooth Brooches, Celtic Rings, Celtic Collarettes, Celtic Earings
Home and Tartan Furnishings Cushions, Throws, Rugs, Furnishings, Foot Stool, Curtaining, Upholstery, Laptrays, Tartan Wall Hangings, Kitchen Stuff, Tea Towels
Corporate Tartans Every kind of tartan item including carpets, stoles, scarves, travel rugs, purses, wallets can be manufactured in Company tartans. Sports clubs, School and Universities also take advantage of our specialist <b>Tartan Design</b> service.
Scottish Dancers & Pipers Dancers Tartans and Velvets, Dancers Hose, Ribbon, Rain-capes, Doublets, Pipers Sporrans, Pipers Shoes, Tartan Hose, Diced Hose, Gaiters & Spats
Books, Maps, DVDs, & Music Clan and Tartan Maps, Celtic Music
Scottish Memorabilia & Souvenirs Clan Wall-Crests, Coats-of-Arms
Dedicated Clan & Tartan Section Specialized Tartan collections for our partner clans. Contact us for further details.
Irish Kilts and Outfits County Tartans, Clan Badges, Irish Fabrics
Custom Made In Any Tartan Collection Custom accessories specially Made to Order in ordinarily unavailable tartans
Sports and Activewear Sportskilts and Tartan Gear Washable Kilts and Outdoor Accessories

Speak to the Tartan Industry Experts, Get Help Fast.
We have the answers and are definitive experts in Tartan, Tartan Fabrics, Kilts and Tartan Accessories.  Email us at: or call us on +44 (0) 1764 679 000 for quick response. Everything you want or need to know about Tartan: Clans, Tartan Fabrics & Ribbons, Kilts & Highland Dress. Massive Tartan range, complemented by a selection of Scottish accessory items; many available immediately for shipment worldwide.

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